Full Packing Service

Our packers use the highest quality boxing and packing materials. Glasses, china, crystal, dishes, or any fragile kitchen items will be wrapped in puncture proof paper until it’s padded how it came from the box at purchase. Our corrugated dish pack boxes will be filled with papyrus barriers separating your beautiful china from any danger.

Your clothes go from the rack in your closet to the rack in one of our specially reinforced wardrobe boxes. This is especially valuable for suits, coats, and other articles that could do for a ride without folds. Shoes and other miscellaneous bedroom items do well in wardrobe boxes as well due to their durability and height.

Books make there way into book boxes which are on the smaller side for easier handling. Books were once trees, you know. Smaller pillows, to linens, and other miscellaneous household items will go in medium/large boxes. We’ll need to empty drawers, cabinets, and cubbies. Of course, all of our boxes are made out of corrugated card board. They are capable of withstanding immense weight and pressure well beyond the load, stack, and transport.

For the best protection of your belongings and to save yourself some time and energy, ask your specialist for the Full Packing Service.


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